How do I start using Freephone2phone?

If you live in the US, just dial your local access number - according to the instructions on our home page - and instantly begin to place calls. No sign up is required. If you don't live in the US, you cannot use Freephone2phone.

Will I need to sign up at some later date?


How much can I save using Freephone2phone?

To be certain, check the US long distance and international rates charged by your carrier. On a general basis, if you are paying 10 cents a minute for US long distance from you landline and we have published a local access number for your city, then we provide you the opportunity to save $1.00 on each call. If there is no local access number for your city or location, you should not use Freephone2phone for your long distance calls from your landline or you might incur a standard regional or long distance charge to reach us charged by your carrier.

For your international calls from your cellular phone or landline, you can easily save $2.00 per call using Freephone2phone. You would use your standard cellular plan minutes to access Freephone2phone, but you would not pay the $0.20 per minute on average charged by US cellular providers for international calls.

What's the catch? How are you able to provide free calls?

We play a 10-second ad preceding your call.

Are there restrictions on the number of calls that I can make or minutes of use for a given day?

You can make an unlimited number of calls to any number during a day using Freephone2phone. However, our intention is not for you to make a full 10-minute call, hang up, then call back the same number and speak for another full 10 minutes over and over. For this reason, if you make, say, an 8-minute call (or more than 5 minutes) to a number, you can then make two more 6-minute calls to that number for the rest of that day. You can still call make 10-minute calls to other numbers during that day.

Will the call recipient hear an ad or anything special when I use Freephone2phone?


Is your "free calling" plan a promotion?

No, it's our business model and we don't plan to charge for our service in the future. We're something new.

Why don't you provide service to the country I want to call?

The cost to provide service in certain countries is higher than what we can offset by playing an ad.

Do you plan to add service to more countries in the future?

As the rates our carriers charge go down, we'll introduce more routes.

How do I dial numbers using Freephone2phone?

Dial one of our access numbers . . . then just enter your destination number as you normally would.

(Calls in the US or Canada begin with "1" and calls to most overseas destinations begin with "011.")

Cell phone users: DO NOT PRESS "SEND" when you enter a destination number or your cell provider will charge you!

Where can I find country codes for the destinations I wish to call?

I see you provide coverage to a country I call, but calls to mobile phones in that country aren't allowed. Why?

Overseas mobile phone companies often charge high rates to complete calls on their network - more than our 10-second ad can support.

How do I use Freephone2phone from a mobile phone?

Using Freephone2phone is no different from using a calling card. DO NOT PRESS "SEND" when you dial a number or your call will go through your carrier and you will pay for it. Just dial the number on our system and you will be connected.

Can I use any phone to make calls using Freephone2phone?

Yes (But don't use your mobile phone if you are visiting from overseas -- you will incur roaming charges.)

Freephone2phone has no access number in my area - can I make calls?

Yes, if you live in the US, use Freephone2phone on your cellular phone to make free international calls using your calling plan minutes. If you don't live in the US, you cannot use Freephone2phone.

I block Caller-ID from displaying my number. Can I use Freephone2phone to make calls?

We must identify you as a caller in the countries where we originate service. In the US, unblock the Caller-ID by pressing *82 before you call. If this doesn't work, check with your phone company to see how to unblock caller-id on a call-by-call basis.

Why don't you provide service to callers in other countries?

We have advertisers lined up in the US with offers to help save you money. They help pay for the cost of the calls.

I just made a call using Freephone2phone but I didn't hear an ad. Will I be charged because I didn't hear an ad?

No, you will not be charged. It simply means that we didn't have an ad to serve you on that call. We are playing ads on other calls, which helps pay for your free call.

Can I use Freephone2phone when I travel overseas?

No. All calls using Freephone2phone must originate in the US. If you travel outside the US, you should not use your US-based cellular phone to reach Freephone2phone. Your US mobile provider will charge you a roaming fee if you use Freephone2phone outside your standard coverage area.

Will you share my phone number or personal information with telemarketers?

Never. Please look at our privacy policy.

I know I dialed a number correctly - why didn't it go through?

We could be experiencing momentary network congestion. Please recheck the number and dial again.

Should I give up my long distance provider and just use Freephone2phone?

No. Freephone2phone does not provide emergency service and should not be used for emergency situations. Our objective is to save you money when it's convenient.

How do I advertise on Freephone2phone?

We currently work only with large advertisers. Soon, we'll introduce a program for smaller advertisers.

What if I have a question which isn't answered here?

Since our service is a free one, we are working hard to keep our expenses down. If you are certain that your question hasn't been answered or cannot be figured out, you can send an email to info [at] freephone2phone [dot] com.